Czarnikow is a sugar and ethanol trading, advisory and supply chain management firm.

Operating globally from offices in 12 countries, Czarnikow has a reputation for high levels of client service and ethical standards throughout the supply chain and is renowned for its world-class market information and analysis.

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Centre South Brazil 2015/16 Crush: A Record Season?

Centre South (CS) Brazil is the world’s largest cane growing and sugar producing region. It is also the world’s dominant raw sugar supplier. As Northern Hemisphere cane crops draw to a close, market attention is now firmly focussed on CS Brazil and its upcoming harvest. The sugar market is enduring its 4th year of surplus and falling prices. 9 CS Brazilian mills have shut from the previous season, meaning roughly 20% of mills in the region are not operational. Sector debt has increased. Can it really be that CS Brazil could produce a record amount of sugar this year?
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A Final Look at the 2014/15 Season: Strong Production

We’re coming to the end of the 2014/15 season, the fourth successive year of global production surplus, and the market is trading at 6-year lows. That sentence above tells you everything you need to know about where the market has been.
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