VIVE - Sustainability Programme

Sustainability with commercial advantage

What is VIVE?

We created the VIVE Sustainable Supply Programme to help your business deliver sustainable improvements and differentiate products in the market – creating commercial advantage.

VIVE is for businesses that know sustainability is key to continued growth and success.

✔ Growth through continuous improvement

✔ Freedom from audit fatigue

✔ No membership fee

✔ Effortless online mass-balance tracking

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VIVE is proudly supported by over 80 buyers, and financial institutions.

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How VIVE works

Like CZ, VIVE caters to businesses throughout the supply chain with its five modules.



Producers e.g. sugarcane farms

This module promotes good agricultural practices that result in the efficient and environmentally sustainable production of food ingredients.



Primary processors e.g. sugar mills

Secondary processors e.g. sugar refineries

This module assesses the operations of processing facilities ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of all employees and visitors.



Shipping companies

This module demonstrates responsibility for each step of the supply-chain where it retains ownership or duty of care for ingredients moving along the supply-chain.



Sugar mills using cogeneration

Wind power plants

Solar power plants

This module assess the sustainability of generation and distribution of renewable energy from solar, wind power, and biomass.

Chain of Custody


Logistics providers

Trading companies

This module assesses the traceability of VIVE ingredients once they leave the control of the producer.

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