We give equal weight to non-financial and financial performance - as one cannot be achieved without the other

Our approach to sustainability

Sustainability is central to our business. We lead by example, striving for improved environmental, social and governance-related performance in our own operations, and facilitating improvement across our supply chains through the VIVE Sustainable Supply Programme, which we co-manage with Intellync.

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Solar panels in a field.

Key achievements

We always strive to find sustainable solutions.


Members of Buyers Supporting VIVE


End-to-end sustainable sugar trade


CZ employees on our ESG Committee

VIVE Climate Action

This initiative helps companies measure, report on and reduce carbon emissions. It was developed through a year-long research and development programme in partnership with Quantis.

Using CZ’s unique position at all stages of food and beverage supply chains, this tool enhances understanding of key reductions opportunities.

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Everything you need is on our Reporting page.

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Our ESG Committee

CZ’s ESG Committee steer our ESG strategy, pulling together experience from four departments to pool knowledge.

Tanya Epshteyn

Head of Structured Finance - chair

Renita Chanderballi

Head of Food Ingredients & Packaging Quality

Our Compliance Manager, Natalia smiling at the camera

Natalia Dziedzic

Compliance Manager

Ben French

Senior Programme Manager, VIVE

“Our purpose is to exert a positive economic and sustainable influence in our supply chains.”

Robin Cave CEO at CZ.

Robin Cave


Frequently asked questions

Does CZ have an environmental policy?

Yes, you can find this and other policies on the Reporting page of this website

Does CZ comply with the Modern Slavery Act?

Yes. You can find our Modern Slavery Statement on the Reporting page of this website.

Does CZ have a dedicated team that manages sustainability?

We have an ESG Committee that governs the strategy we employ at CZ, and we have a dedicated VIVE team who deliver the programme.

Does CZ have a net zero emissions target?

We are prioritising the deepening of our understanding of our Scope 3 emissions, following which we will be able to make an informed decision on how we are best placed to make actual change.

Does CZ report its emissions data?

We report Scopes 1 and 2 as part of our Annual Report, published each April. You can see our full back catalogue on the Reporting page of this website.

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