Food grade bottle and film packaging resins, glass, aseptic fibre packaging, and recycled packaging materials to serve the food and beverage industry.

Our packaging

Cz’s longstanding history of over 160 years has been built on close relationships with our food and beverage partners. Through our market insight and extensive supply chain experience, we are able to support them on their physical supply and pricing requirements for packaging raw materials.

We are committed to assisting our clients in sustainable sourcing strategies and their highest quality needs.



AFP rolls


HDPE resin

25kg bags-1.1mt bags

LDPE resin

25kg bags-1.1mt bags

LLPDE resin

25kg bags-1.1mt bags

PP resin

25kg bags-1.1mt bags

PET resin

1.1mt bags

PS resin

1.1mt bags

Opaque white r

1.1mt bags

rPET flake

0.66mt bags-1.1mt bags

rPET resin

1.1mt bags

rHDPE resin

1.1mt bags

rPP resin

1.1mt bags

glass bottles



jumbo rolls

Our solutions

Warehousing solutions & VMI

  • Ability to manage stock at warehouse for added flexibility
  • CZ solutions embedded into buyers’ procurement processes
  • Digitised VMI solutions delivering a transparent overview of entire stock
  • Reduced friction, scalable, data-driven

Freight & last mile logistics

  • Flexible freight options
  • Buffer stock and just-in-time delivery increase efficiency and security of supply
  • Reduced demurrage and port costs, giving an optimised cost profile
  • Access CZ’s strong, long-term relationships with world leading shipping and logistics partners

Financing solutions

  • Extended payment terms to improve working capital and shorten cash conversion cycle
  • Flexible payment terms (up to 180 days from Invoice) under one single contract
  • Risk Management & BEO pricing opportunities linked to futures

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A truly global service

We source packaging according to the latest market fluctuations on price, production and availability.


of soft drinks packaged in plastic

80% +

of PET resin produced makes bottles



Mexico City



São Paulo



Tel Aviv


Ho Chi Minh City


Minas Gerais, Uberlândia

Minas Gerais, Uberaba

Trinidad & Tobago


The Philippines

Dar Es Salaam




New Zealand

Mato Grosso

Discover our app

CZ’s digital app provides insights, business intelligence, market prices and more within the agriculture, food and beverage and energy markets.

Sustainable packaging

Through our sustainability programme, VIVE, we work to generate recycled PET from waste in collaboration with one of our major clients. Through stimulating collection, we seek to increase the availability of rPET, needed to make recycled packaging goals a reality.

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Quality assurance

CZ has real-time controls in place to support an effective, rigorous quality management system,
including how we risk assess product quality, packaging suppliers, geography and legal requirements.

We also provide additional verification and validation services.

We are a BRC company, scoring AA+. We are also a SEDEX member.

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