Low-carbon electricity with tailored off-taking agreements.

Imagine you have extensive experience in agricultural markets and a history in one of the one of the greenest electricity markets in the world. What would you do? If you are like us, you would expand into renewable energy.

Our electricity




Conventional energy


Incentivised energy (renewable)


VIVE- or I-REC-verified sustainable energy credits


Unique commercialisation and generation solutions:

Secure an off-taking agreement that suits you

We’ll factor in energy demand fluctuations, volume optionality and more.

Consultations for power purchase agreements (PPAs)


Make your product standout

Gain a competitive edge by making your renewable energy VIVE-verified.

Generate revenue with internationally recognised renewable energy certificates

How we can help you

We’ll match you with a buyer or seller to ensure consistent offtake and supply of energy.

Do you generate electricity?

Invest in new renewable resources
Price certainty for up to 15 years
Negotiation for construction EPC
Corporate finance and sales negotiations
Receivable Structured Finance
Consulting for centralised generation


Do you buy electricity?

Secure and customise
Price certainty for up to 15 years
Seasonality and modulation solutions for reliable supply
Structured Finance for energy pre-payment
Hassle-free transition into new markets


Our experts

Gabriela Andri

Senior Energy Manager, Sao Paulo

Clarissa Petrachini Gonçalves

Energy Consultant, Sao Paulo

Roger Schemes

Trader, Sao Paulo

Tiago Medeiros

Director - Head of Brazil, Sao Paulo

Nick Wainwright

Director - Head of Asia, Singapore

Crystal Angeles

General Manager

Randy Teo

Head of Food Ingredients and Packaging (Asia), Singapore

The Brazilian Energy Market Explained

Get a competitive edge with
VIVE-verified energy

VIVE-verified renewable energy is accepted by the International Renewable Energy Certificate
(I-REC) Standard. ‘VIVE-verified’ energy meets the standards of our globally recognised sustainable supply programme, VIVE.

Getting your energy VIVE-verified can bring you closer to your sustainability targets, and give you a commercial edge.

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