Czarnikow (CZ) expands its presence in the Americas with new Colombian office

November 12, 2022


Czarnikow Group Limited (CZ) is pleased to announce the opening of Czarnikow Colombia S.A.S, registered in the city of Medellin. CZ has expanded across the globe as it continues to diversify its products and offerings to clients in the food and beverage industry. CZ has had a regional presence in Latin America from São Paulo, Mexico, and Miami for over 40 years, and has identified a local entity in Colombia as the next opportunity to develop and grow in the third largest economy in South America.

Colombia has been an important trading partner for CZ for many years in sugar, but as operations have expanded to include shipments of PET packaging and other agricultural goods, the scale of opportunity in the country has become clear. This signals CZ’s long-term confidence in the Colombian and regional Andean economy.

CZ is best known for its 160 years of experience in the sugar industry, but now works extensively with fruit, dairy, packaging and energy products. Its range of services, including financing, warehousing and last mile logistics will be rolled out in the Colombian region to benefit local industry and its wider networks across the continent.

Commenting on the new office, regional Director Jonathan Williams has said: “We believe Colombia allows for CZ to provide a full width of services for our clients in the export and import of a multitude of products. CZ Colombia will have the ability to develop in the region as a long term logistics and risk management partner for new and existing clients in food and beverage sector in a complicated markets”.

Trade and market Analyst Vincent O’Rourke, who has led commercial growth in the region says: “ The customers have been very receptive to our way of working and have made their support for our local entity very clear. I am confident CZ will be able to bring a value add to the commodity purchasing industry in Colombia. As a Colombian myself, it has been a great joy to be able to show the board of directors at CZ the scale of opportunity in this wonderful country”.

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