Smart supply chain solutions

Our approach is based on a wealth of in-house expertise, skillful data analysis, advanced technology, and a deep understanding of client needs.


We believe that supply chain solutions should be tailored to your business’s unique needs, which is why we offer a wide range of customized services, all led by a team of experts with deep experience and expertise.

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Moving unprocessed raw materials from farms and/or primary
processors for further processing and use in the food and beverage and energy industries.

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Energy generation from the by-products of food production to enhance decarbonisation and/or go to market.


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Food Ingredients & Packaging

The sourcing, moving and financing of a growing range of food-grade ingredients and packaging used in the manufacture of goods for human consumption.

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CZ Advise

Providing market information, data, consultancy and corporate finance expertise across the agriproducts, energy and infrastructure sectors.

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VIVE Sustainability Programme

Facilitating improvement across your supply chains through the VIVE Sustainable Supply Programme

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Facilitating end-to-end sustainability

Sustainable supply chain solutions aren’t just good for the planet – they’re good for business too. Learn how our expertise in sustainability is helping our clients achieve their business goals while also reducing their environmental footprint.

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Using our values and culture to drive growth

Download our annual report to learn more about our plans to double our employee numbers, expand into new locations, and transform our business for the future.

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Dive deeper into how we’re shaping the future of the commodity world.

Frequently asked questions

What products does CZ work with?

We work with a range of products across agriproducts, food ingredients and packaging and energy. This includes raw sugar, grains, nuts and seeds, refined sugar, sweeteners, fruit, dairy, additives, plastic and non-plastic packaging, biomass, ethanol and electricity. You can find out more via our Solutions page.

What kind of clients does CZ have?

At CZ we work with clients across the entire supply chain, from producer to end-user. Our key client groups are producers, primary processors, secondary processors and industrial consumers. You can find out more about the kinds of clients we work with on the Our Clients page.

Who owns CZ?

CZ is jointly owned by ABF, Maquarie and an Employee Benefit Trust. Find out more on our Stakeholders page.

How can I apply for a job at CZ?

We suggest visiting our careers page to see what kind of roles we offer, and following the application process detailed there.

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