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Trade Finance Services

Providing you with the funds to make your business happen.

What is Trade Finance?

In global trade, there can be lengthy periods between the need for funding and the final sale of a product. This means that you might be unable to access the cash you need until your revenue is generated further down the line.

To alleviate uncertainty over this period, we have trade finance services that help move goods and documents through the supply chain efficiently by providing advance payment terms. Using our longstanding relationships with banks and financial institutions we can offer competitive rates, mitigation of risk and a trusted service.

Our trade finance solutions include:

  • Advance payment
  • Innovative securitised pre-crop finance
  • Pre-shipment finance freight finance
  • Pre-shipment & freight finance
  • Receivable finance
  • Vendor managed inventory finance for just in time delivery
  • VIVE credited sustainable finance.
“We aim to be providers of innovative finance globally throughout the supply chain.”
Jayshree Barnes, Head of Trade Finance

How We Can Help

Trade Finance is a financial tool that helps move goods from one place to another. It is the backbone of global trade, which sees all the products you use daily move from production, through processing and into consumption.

Our services are tailored specifically to each trade flow, covering every stage of the supply chain. We use the experience and knowledge that we have built over 160 years to help you find the right solution.

Why Choose Us?

The market is constantly changing, but our agility lets us manage short-to-medium term pressures alongside longer term trends. During the current sugar surplus for example, we could leverage the strength of our financing relationships to help refiners and multinationals manage cash flow and debt, whilst providing them with risk management advice.

Despite the relative difficulties in the global sugar market, in 2019 we added credit lines of $62 million. Our ability to thrive in the face of this year’s global pandemic is testament to our capabilities.

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