Success through collaboration
Our people are the core of our business, working together to bring you success through collaboration.

We’re open to change and trust our people to shape the future of the industry. Our core values ensure individuals are empowered to reach their full potential.
We embrace diversity as a strength and have teams all over the world working in every element of our multi-faceted service. Our strong culture of inclusion and collaboration allows us to fulfil potential.
Our work environment is fast-moving, full of new challenges and has a strong teamwork philosophy, all of which suits self-starters with an entrepreneurial spirit.
Welcome to Czarnikow
In this series of videos, we introduce you to our people across a range of teams and geographies.
Trade Finance , London
A call for passionate, motivated problem-solvers
Operations, London
Early responsibility and ongoing support
Head of Brazil, Sao Paulo
Entrepreneurial spirit and team ethic
Fernando and Thiago
Corporate Finance, Sao Paulo
Learning opportunities and internal movement
Celest and Tan
Analysis, Singapore
Reporting on global trends
Derivatives, Singapore
Working in unique space within complex markets
Investing in our people
Personal development is essential in keeping our global team motivated, inspired and engaged. We provide:
In-house learning technology covering our complex markets and industries
Informal information sharing opportunities
Regular external training provided to our entire workforce
Diversity and inclusion
We are building an increasingly diverse workforce that reflects our core values while providing equal opportunity, as we believe that it is of utmost importance to learn from a wide range of experiences.
Providing training and resources
Increasing our transparency with reporting
Supporting our employees and having uncomfortable conversations
Continuing working with upReach and other organisations to end inequality