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Commodities trading

We manage the challenges of executing long and complex supply chains so that you don’t have to.

How We Can Help

If you need to trade a commodity, we can make it happen. We work with both buyers and sellers to make sure their products are moved in the most effective way.

We empower you with the knowledge that we have built up in commodity trading over 160 years, allowing you to operate with the utmost security and effectiveness.

By partnering with us, you gain access to a wide global network of market participants. We act as a platform for managing risk, improving market access, and increasing productivity through tailored strategies.

“Our traders operate from 10 offices across all time zones. That takes a lot of team work. Communication and respect for our clients and colleagues is key”
Jonathan Williams, Head of Trading in the EU and Americas

How it works

We get commodities from where they are produced to where they’re needed. Along the way, we add value and optimise your physical trade flows.

First, you will gain access to our world class opinion and data platform, Czapp, built to provide in-depth insight into the global commodities markets for sugar trading, food ingredients, packaging and energy.

After analysing the information together with you, we identify the most efficient physical trading strategy and appropriate value-added services, such as price risk management or working capital finance.

We then implement our recommendations through the physical flows, actively managing the contracts over their lifetime.

Why choose us?

As traders and brokers, we are in the unique position of knowing the market in its entirety – from flows, regulations and key players, to new leads and innovative solutions. Our emphasis on building long-term relationships means we will always focus on what’s right.

We use our long-term experience in sugar trading to work with a wide range of products. We are involved in supply chains from end to end, giving you a holistic service that guides you from planning to completion.

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