About Czarnikow

Czarnikow is a sugar and ethanol trading, advisory and supply chain management firm.

In 2011, Czarnikow celebrated its 150 year anniversary. This video, produced for the occasion, demonstrates how the Czarnikow business has developed innovatively whilst respecting its deep-rooted values. Watch the video

Czarnikow trades products globally from 12 offices and employs around 190 people. Its registered headquarters are in London and it has eleven other offices in Delhi, Dubai, Guangzhou, Mexico, Miami, Moscow, Nairobi, Point Lisas (Trinidad), Sao Paulo, Singapore and Tel Aviv. Czarnikow serves over 310 clients across 89 countries and deals in around 10% of sugar that is traded annually, giving it a first-hand presence in all major sugar markets around the world.  

Czarnikow is a service-orientated company whose main business activity is the trading of sugar and ethanol on behalf of its clients. It also provides warehousing, logistics, advisory and execution services.

Czarnikow works with a variety of clients throughout the supply chain, from mills and refiners to large industrial consumers who manage leading global consumer brands. Czarnikow has well-established partnerships with suppliers and logistics operators; it does not own any farming, refining or transport assets.

Czarnikow has a reputation for high levels of client service, confidentiality and ethical standards. It is committed to operating its business with integrity and promoting awareness of corporate governance throughout its operations.

Guiding principles

Our guiding principles are at the heart of our business and the reason why we are a trusted partner of our industry. At Czarnikow we are passionate about:

  • Fundamental analysis
  • Creating value for our clients
  • Building relationships for the long term
  • Understanding local markets from a global perspective
  • Providing innovation and flexibility across a united team