Corporate responsibility

“We are committed to generating shareholder returns in a sustainable manner and running our business with integrity.”

Robin Cave, CEO

With this comes a responsibility to engage transparently with our various stakeholders and to articulate our management and performance in our chosen areas of Corporate Responsibility proactively. In 2012 we published our first Corporate Responsibility Review, which can be downloaded here.

Our five key CR focus areas are based around the needs of our own business and those of our stakeholders. Our identified areas are: Corporate Governance, Clients, Employees, Environment and Local Communities. By focusing on each of these we aim to play our part in promoting the long-term sustainability of the industries in which we operate.

The Czarnikow Board of Directors has ultimate responsibility for the management of our corporate responsibilities and for upholding our commitment to business ethics. The Board delegates day-to-day duties to employees with relevant expertise and experience, who are responsible for each of our identified CR focus areas as illustrated in the wheel above.