Czarnikow 是一家业务涵盖食糖和乙醇贸易、咨询服务以及供应链管理的公司。

公司业务遍及全球 12 个国家和地区,在整个供应链中以优质的客户服务和崇高的道德标准而著称,其世界一流的 市场资讯 和研究分析闻名遐迩。




Cheap Sugar – Changing Behaviour?

Since the V’18 expiry the sugar market has rallied strongly London Sugar Week showed most people are no longer bearish Is the sugar market surplus really over? [2,650 words/13 minutes’ reading time] This article first appeared for paying subscribers last week.  
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VIVE & Bonsucro Alignment – New Developments

Building upon their global collaboration, the VIVE programme and Bonsucro are delighted to announce two significant developments in their working relationship. 
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