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Sustainable Supply Chain Management

With us sustainability makes business sense.

Our Sustainability programme

At Czarnikow we want to help create a greener future. That’s why we created VIVE, our sustainability programme, to create fully sustainable supply chains.

However, we realise that sustainability must also make sense for your business. Increasingly, producers and consumers are requesting traceability and certified sustainable products. We can help your business be part of this change.

We measure, monitor and benchmark your business’ performance against global sustainability standards, and create bespoke plans for improvement. As part of this, we use 3rd party analysis to provide traceability and enhance the sustainable credibility of a wide range of products and processes.

“Our team has developed world-class software solutions to help put sustainability and traceability at the core of the supply chain. Our mission is to work with like-minded organisations who are committed to driving sustainable improvements in their supply chains and to help them make it happen.”
Robin Cave, CEO

How it works

VIVE is for businesses that want to do more than just tick a box for sustainability: they want to participate because they know that it is key to their continued growth, commercial success and the future of the planet.

That’s why the VIVE programme operates along the whole supply chain, from producer to end-user, to ensure no stage is left open to risk. When assessing your performance, we look for data according to VIVE’s four major pillars, covering the activities that contribute to the sustainability of the business as a whole. These pillars are:

• Governance and Policies
• People
• Environment
• Traceability.

We use this data to create bespoke improvement plans. As you improve, you can reach various VIVE claim levels that create a path for change and prosperity.

Why work with Czarnikow?

We’re different because we embrace continuous improvement. This means that you don’t stop striving to improve just because you’ve reached a certain standard. You continue to improve far beyond your previous expectations, with Czarnikow setting ambitious but achievable goals and being a constant support.

As we face environmental challenges, we will be embracing change and innovation and encouraging you to do the same.

Buyers supporting Vive

Buyers Supporting VIVE is a platform developed for companies who are committed to sourcing sustainable sugar. This has been designed to enable a ‘pull through’ effect, assisting buyers to proactively engage their supply chains with sustainability, creating more demand for sustainable product. Participation is free and easy, and the platform has received strong support from both multi-national and regional buyers, with The Coca-Cola Company recently becoming a participant.

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Our other services

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