Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement for Czarnikow Group Limited

About Czarnikow 

Czarnikow’s main business activity is the trading of sugar on behalf of our clients. We also provide added-value services right across the supply chain, including price risk management, financing, a Sustainable Sugar Programme, warehousing, logistics, advisory and execution services. We work with over 120 groups which operate mills, factories, and refineries around the world, and charter over 25 ships each year to transport over 650,000 tonnes of bulk raw sugar. We also supply 260 large food and beverage companies with white sugar around the world.

This is the company’s statement for the financial year ended 31 December 2018 issued in order to comply with Section 54 requirement of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Our commitment and efforts

As a UK business with international operations and supply chain, we understand the role Czarnikow plays in the global effort to prevent slavery and human trafficking from happening and are committed to supporting all efforts to address these issues. Czarnikow commits to continuous improvement in our processes relating to slavery and human trafficking, including developing better understanding of the slavery and human trafficking risks at all levels of our supply chain, and finding appropriate and practicable solutions to work with our suppliers to prevent these from occurring.

One of Czarnikow’s four values is acting responsibly and with integrity. We aim to act professionally at all times, taking responsibility for our own actions and treating others with respect and as equals. We promote environmentally, socially, and economically responsible actions across our business. Taking steps to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking in our business and supply chain aligns with our broader goal of being a responsible business and acting with integrity.

Czarnikow sources sugar from many locations, from numerous suppliers and the company is aware that in some of these countries the risk of slavery and human trafficking is higher. Czarnikow has zero tolerance to slavery and human trafficking. To mitigate these risks, Czarnikow complies with all applicable laws and regulations and the same is confirmed by our suppliers. Any trading relationship with a supplier which does not respect our commitment to prevent modern slavery will be reassessed and appropriate steps taken to suspend this trading relationship. This is enforced via the following steps:

  • As part of its due diligence procedures and to assess and mitigate risk in the supply chain Czarnikow conducts due diligence on all counterparties we deal with.  Our representatives often visit and hold meetings with potential suppliers before starting a business relationship, which allows us not only to assess the business opportunity but also visit the clients’ premises and assess working conditions.
  • Czarnikow employees are able to voice any concerns, including those regarding slavery and human trafficking, by following the whistleblowing procedures communicated to everyone on joining and available for reference in the Employee Handbook. Czarnikow complies with UK Health and Safety legislation and all other relevant local regulations, and provides a safe working environment for all its employees.
  • All employees in the UK and global offices have been trained via an online in-house developed training which focused on the risk of modern slavery in the sugar industry.

Operating sustainable supply chains

At Czarnikow, we work with all our clients to promote and support responsible and sustainable supply chains. Not only do we actively support all initiatives of our clients (Czarnikow is a member of Sedex and will cooperate with clients and stakeholders on all other initiatives in this field), we also encourage them to join our sustainable supply programme.

In collaboration with our partner, AB Sustain, we work across the supply chain to improve sustainable performance; work which is now being recognised as a valuable element in the global development of sustainable sugar supply. Our sustainable supply programme,   which is benchmarked against global sustainability standards, has been designed to operate along the entire supply chain from field to end-user factory, comprehensively covering key sustainability risks and driving improvement.

Future steps

We will review our actions and their effectiveness in the course of the new financial year and take any steps we consider appropriate to further enhance our policies and procedures. Furthermore, we will continue to improve understanding of the modern slavery risks through running an awareness programme available to all staff.

This statement has been approved by the Board of Directors on and is available on our website at

Robin Cave