Market analysis and forecasting

We give you our knowledge, opinions and data through an interactive mobile and web platform: Czapp.

Commodity market data analysis
Through Czapp, you can gain the insight you need to run your business and make informed decisions. Our analysis teams and network of partners share news, views and forecasts on various markets, including:
Raw and white sugar
Ethanol and energy
Dairy, fruit and food ingredients
PET and packaging
Wheat, corn and fertilizers
Much of this is available for free, though advanced analytics packages are chargeable. You can also use our interactive tools to access sugar price forecast data, crops statistics, trade flows, import duties, shipments and more, customised to your specific areas of interest.

In addition to Czapp, we help sugar producers, refiners and end-users manage their price risk, run consulting projects, and offer hands-on market advice.
How we can help
Czarnikow has been in commodities for 160 years. Market analysis has been an integral part of our approach right from the start.

Today, we use machine-learning to help us process as much commodity market data in real-time as possible. We then apply our practical industry knowledge to understand future risks and determine forward prices. Then this information is shared with you.
Why choose us?
We have a winning combination: a world-leading team of analysts working around the world, with the ability to communicate with you directly and in real-time.

With us, you can gain flexibility, insight and intelligence every day.
Want to access our data?
With Czapp, you can have all of our expertise, price information and data in the palm of your hands, allowing you to make informed decisions based on the latest market movements.