Czapp is Czarnikow’s market portal, putting our expertise, price information and data in your hands.

Trading made simple
Czapp gives you direct access to the world commodity markets, putting our expertise, price information and data in the palm of your hand.
Key benefits

Our analysis and advisory teams gather a vast amount of data every day, which they then clean and harmonise to create conclusions based on the figures.

This data is shared directly on Czapp as it comes in, allowing you to access the very latest market movements and act accordingly. We provide:


Analyst insights
Access daily expert commentary from our global team of analysts, across a range of commodities.
Interactive reports
Get straight to what you’re looking for with customisable, interactive data reports on supply, demand, price, imports and exports.
Request a quote according to your specific requirements on origin, destination and product specification.
Real-time market prices
Stay ahead of the rest, with live access to a range of market prices including the ICE No. 5 and No. 11. Set alerts to act on price changes instantly.

Czapp is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.




You can also access Czapp at

Why choose us?
We have built our industry expertise over 160 years of working in the sugar market. Today we use advanced technology to replicate our founder Caesar Czarnikow, distributing sugar news around the coffee houses of London in the 1800’s by hand: we transparently share information with anyone who is interested.

Czapp has revolutionised our ability to interact and engage with our community. Join us today.