Working with clients to promote sustainable ethanol production.

Czarnikow’s experience and expertise in the sugar market provides it with relevant knowledge and insight into the fast-developing area of sugar beet- and cane-based ethanol, an important co-product of sugar in many parts of the world.

Czarnikow offers market services, including trade execution, finance, risk management and shipment of ethanol to producers and consumers. 

The tradable cane-ethanol market is still very much in its early stages. However, it is anticipated that ethanol will become an increasingly important source of renewable energy as stocks of fossil fuels diminish and world governments increase quotas for fuel ethanol. Furthermore, sugar cane is considered to be an effective source of fuel ethanol both in terms of cost and efficiency.

Global fuel ethanol consumption has grown from 18 billion litres in 2002 to 81 billion litres in 2012, although demand has fallen from 84.5 billion litres in 2010 as US and Brazilian demand has stagnated.

Global trade has increased from around 4 billion litres in 2007 and is expected to reach between approximately 6.5 and 7 billion litres in 2012.