Bonsucro and THRIVE to work together to promote sustainable sugar supply chains

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Bonsucro and THRIVE are pleased to announce a global collaboration to help sustainable sugar supply achieve increased scale.

THRIVE, a sustainable sugar programme developed in collaboration between Czarnikow Group and AB Sustain, combines Czarnikow’s commercial expertise within the sugar industry with AB Sustain’s experience in operating sustainable agricultural programmes.

Through this collaboration, Bonsucro and THRIVE’s assessment frameworks have been matched so that certificate holders of Bonsucro’s Production Standard can now choose to join THRIVE’s continuous improvement programme with their Bonsucro certification being directly scored in the THRIVE programme.

Driving continuous improvement is at THRIVE’s core, and the programme has been developed to add value and a high level of transparency across the entire sugar supply chain (for both sugar beet and sugar cane), encompassing farm, mill, refiner, forwarder, shipper and end-user.

This collaboration between THRIVE and Bonsucro recognises the value of alignment between systems that share a common goal, with the aim of accelerating the industry’s adoption and improvement of sustainable production practices.

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