Customer due diligence

Czarnikow Group is committed to running its business with integrity, within its strong corporate governance and compliance framework.

In particular, Czarnikow Group (and all its subsidiaries) has a duty to fight against financial crime and the financing of terrorism.

As part of Czarnikow Group’s governance commitments, we carry out, as routine, initial and ongoing due diligence for all business relationships. As part of a process, which is becoming standard practice in many countries across the world, all clients are asked to fill out our Customer Due Diligence (CDD) form and return it to us with any supporting documentation. All information submitted on this form or discussed with us subsequently is treated in the strictest confidence and we would like to thank all current and future clients for their co-operation in this matter.

Equally, we are committed to sharing reciprocal information with our own clients. We pledge to be as transparent as possible in our dealings with all market participants throughout the supply chain in order to to maintain high governance standards in our industry.