Corporate governance

We aim to operate our business with integrity and promote awareness of corporate governance.

The implementation of these objectives is aided by Czarnikow’s corporate governance framework, which extends across the entire business. A significant part of the control of this framework is executed by the Compliance Manager and Head of Risk. Global coverage is achieved through an overseas network of nine Nominated Officers aided by local professional advice when required. This team coordinates the Group’s operations in compliance, focusing on combating the financing of terrorism, Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Bribery and Corruption and Sanctions.

Sections of Czarnikow’s operations are classified as investment activities and are subject to financial services regulation. Currently such activities are undertaken in the UK under the local regulators, the Financial Conduct Authority.

All necessary actions by Czarnikow are taken in accordance with the local regulatory requirements of each country to ensure compliance. Czarnikow, as part of its corporate philosophy, monitors transaction variations continuously to ensure that identification of any impact on regulatory compliance is highlighted and responded to speedily in the required manner.

Czarnikow uses a range of communication media to promote the overriding objectives of its corporate governance philosophy across the Group, making full use of e-learning facilities, regular corporate news bulletins, and a company intranet facility to support the Group’s corporate governance objectives.