VIVE & Bonsucro Alignment – New Developments

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Building upon their global collaboration, the VIVE programme and Bonsucro are delighted to announce two significant developments in their working relationship. 

VIVE achieves advanced alignment

The VIVE Farm Module has been benchmarked by Bonsucro, the global sugarcane platform, and demonstrates ‘Advanced Alignment’ with the global Bonsucro Production Standard, Farm Level.

VIVE has been developed as a global continuous improvement scheme for cane sugar supply chains. VIVE enables sustainability performance to be measured and improvement objectives to be set and tracked at all stages along the supply chain.

Verification of results of sustainability performance is done through second, or third party audit, as per individual client preference.

Bonsucro supports VIVE sustainability claims

The VIVE Farm Module is 100% aligned with Bonsucro's Core Indicators, Farm Level. Sugarcane that is verified by the VIVE programme to have been produced in compliance with all these core indicators has achieved an important sustainability milestone.

Appreciating this achievement, any sugar that meets this ‘Core Indicator Level’ through VIVE can be supported by Bonsucro, and recognised by customers as compliant with the farm level core indicators of the Bonsucro Production standard.

Furthermore, looking to accelerate the industry’s adoption of sustainable practices across the entire supply chain, the VIVE programme will commence a similar benchmarking exercise to Bonsucro’s Production Standard at the mill level. 

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