Czarnikow is a sugar and ethanol trading, advisory and supply chain management firm.

Operating globally from offices in 12 countries, Czarnikow has a reputation for high levels of client service and ethical standards throughout the supply chain and is renowned for its world-class market information and analysis.

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Latest market news:

A path of cooperation between Proterra Foundation and VIVE Programme

Boosting cooperation in the sugarcane and sugar beet supply chains. We are pleased to announce that the ProTerra Foundation and the VIVE Programme have joined forces to explore a path of cooperation and mutual recognition of their efforts to promote sustainable agriculture and food supply chains. In January 2019, The ProTerra Foundation and the VIVE Programme embarked upon a benchmarking exercise of the ProTerra Standard and the VIVE Sustainable Supply Programme.
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Benchmark Announcement: Smartcane BMP

In October 2018 Smartcane BMP and VIVE agreed to explore whether aligning the two programmes could relieve the administrative pressures of achieving compliance to multiple sustainability standards, whilst at the same time offering a unique product to market harnessing the strengths of the respective schemes.
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