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With the largest global team of professionals specialized in the sugar and bioenergy markets, we offer a wide range of independent financial & strategic advisory to help our customers achieve superior performance.

What We Offer

We design and execute M&A and financing solutions for our clients and actas a trusted partner, based on long-term relationships globally built over more than 160 years.

Our deep understanding of global sugar and bioenergy value chains, the high volume of transactions we advise on this market, and our unrivalled global network of investors in the sector, provide clients a unique access to tailor-made M&A and financing solutions.

Our services include:

M&A, Capital Raising & Joint Ventures

Czarnikow offers financial advisory services related to mergers & acquisitions, capital raising, strategic partnerships, joint ventures and corporate restructuring.

Since 2005, we have built our reputation as a leading financial advisor for the sugar and bioenergy sectors. Our team has proven expertise in the structuring and execution of complex transactions in the agribusiness, energy and infrastructure sectors.

Debt Advisory & Restructuring

Our team is experienced in assisting our clients in every type of financing solution, from refinancing existing debt to capital raising from banks, capital markets, funds and special situations investors

On the Debt Restructuring, we use our in-depth knowledge of the sector todeliver customized solutions driven by a construct and creative approach to the creditors, usually combining our capacity to attract new money from non-core asset sale to institutional investors with the objective to deliver a definitive solution.

Our highly skilled team combine equity and debt expertise to deliver innovative capital structure solutions to our clients with unique access to the focus and strategy of the full spectrum of capital providers in the sugar and bioenergy space.

Valuation & Strategic Consultancy

Based on its unparalleled sector knowledge from over 200 projects developed, Czarnikow provides differentiated strategic and tactical advice in the sugar and bioenergy value chains across a broad range of geographies. We help our clients to identify and pursue strategic priorities,devise strategies to enhance shareholder value, and develop new ideas and deeper perspective to achieve their goals.

We provide a range of services from independent valuation, investment analysis to benchmarking and sector analyses covering the main sugar and bioenergy producing regions in the globe.

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Why Czarnikow?

The team enjoys long-standing relationships with key players across our global supply chains, including financial institutions, banks, producers, refineries, consumers and energy companies. At all stages of the supply chain, we are equipped to identify the appropriate strategy and work with you until completion.

The Team

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