Being an Associate at CZ

June 27, 2022

Adeoti Ogunsola

At CZ (Czarnikow) we’re adaptable, be it to the changing needs of our clients, or the supply chain industry at large. 

As an Associate at CZ you will get the opportunity to work on an array of exciting projects whilst gaining critical skills for your designated Business function.

CZ’s commitment to Learning and Development makes it an ideal organisation to refine and grow your knowledge with all employees having access to both formal and informal training – everyone is encouraged to innovate, grow and try new things. What are the requirements for an Associate position?


Who can apply to be a CZ Associate? 

We’re looking for a diverse group of ambitious self-starters with entrepreneurial flair and a keen interest in the supply chain industry because responsibility will be given from the outset. Learning by doing is the most effective way so expect to gain a lot of hands-on experience to deepen your understanding and competency in your chosen profession.  

It’s important to us that you have some prior work experience. You will need to be fluent in English as well as another European language and/ or Arabic, and be able to think both analytically and creatively, coming up with ideas and executing them. You may be in the process of completing a Masters. 

What training opportunities are available as an associate? 

There are many opportunities to grow and learn at CZ. Here are a few: 

Formal training: CZ runs specific programs such as Executive Presenting, Negotiating Skills and Project Management. You’ll also have access to training and support across a range of the CZ departments, such as Marketing, Risk and Compliance, in order to build a rounded set of knowledge. 

Furthermore, we encourage new challenges and debates to foster more diverse thinking and have adapted our management styles to promote this. In 2021, we set up new internal boards (with rotating chairships) to make it easier for employees to speak up; and all employees are welcome to present at our ‘All hands’ meetings. We also ran open online sessions during our annual Strategy Week, with time set aside for Q&As with senior management, which are attended by employees from all global offices. 

What is it like being an Associate? 

Wassim Sasso, Senior Trader 

What’s your background and why were you interested in working at CZ?
I grew up in Dubai and came to the UK 12 years ago. I have a degree in Economics and CZ’s unique mix of global trading and relationship management immediately attracted me when I was invited to a talk at the CZ office in Chiswell Street, way back in April 2011. 

What was your biggest learning while being an Associate? 
I learned that everyone is approachable, all the way to the CEO, and it’s all about finding solutions together. I also learned a skill I never imagined I would acquire reviewing and negotiating contracts, really getting stuck into the legalese. 

Where are you in your career now (team, location, etc.)? 
I am a Senior Trader on the Refined Sugar, Ingredients and Packaging desk. After working closely with some of our key MNC clients for 6 years, I’m now focused on developing our Carbon and VMI offering. 

What is your favourite thing about working at CZ? 
It’s a stimulating, challenging environment that doesn’t get hung up on the small things – need the afternoon off because of personal reasons? Doesn’t matter as long as the work is delivered. Everyone is treated like an adult.   

What advice would you give someone looking to apply? 
Be bold and never be afraid of showing your ambition. We like ambitious people who want to get big things done. 

Emma Cullen,
Business Development Manager 

What’s your background and why were you interested in working at CZ? 
Having completed my masters in Shipping, Trade and Finance – I was keen to gain insight into supply chains within the food & beverage industry. With a background in insurance, accounting and a short time with a pastry manufacturing company, I wanted to build my industry knowledge against the backdrop of a physical product. 

What was your biggest learning while being an Associate? 

Being an Associate gave me insight across a variety of departments, giving me an understanding of the level of teamwork and coordination that’s required across the business for a trade to come together. 

Where are you in your career now (team, location, etc.)? 
Trade Finance to Trading desk, to Managing container freight procurement, to FI&P Team working on Business Development 

What is your favourite thing about working at CZ? 
The people – collaborative, supportive and experts in their fields. Also, the unique way CZ has positioned itself in the market, makes it a place to work like nowhere else. 

Janyn Williams, Raw Sugar Trading Manager 

What’s your background and why were you interested in working at CZ? 
I always had an interest in working in the Finance industry, I studied a BSc at Manchester Business School in International Business, Finance and Economics, after which I obtained some work experience at a Hedge Fund in London where I developed my interest in Commodities and specifically the physical & supply chain side of Commodities. After this I enrolled in a MSc at CASS Business School which was in Energy, Trade & Finance, this course focused on building the knowledge base that would support and kick start a career in physical trading and supply chain businesses. CZ at the time were a sponsor of this course and my interest in CZ stemmed from my interest in renewable energy and specifically in the Ethanol Trading and Supply Chain side of CZ’s business. 

What was your biggest learning while being an Associate? 
My biggest learning was that the complexity of our business requires one to have an in depth understanding of every different department within the business from Operations & Logistics through to Financing and Derivatives. Without an in-depth knowledge and training of each different area it would be very difficult to develop and be successful in your career. 

Where are you in your career now (team, location, etc.)? 
I am currently based in Bangkok, Thailand where I have been for the last 4 years focusing on our Raw Sugar and Bulk products origination business. Prior to this I was on secondment in Fiji where I was based to assist with the industries education of marketing its sugar to the World Market. 

What is your favourite thing about working at CZ? 
My favourite thing about working at CZ is the fact that throughout my career if I ever had a question or a doubt, anyone that I would ask for help or advice would be willing to talk to me and help in the best way that they could. 

What advice would you give someone looking to apply? 
Keep an open mind. Even if you have a focused area of the business that you are interested in you may find that after gaining some experience in another area or product that your interests may change or develop over time. 

How do I apply? 

Please send in a cover letter detailing your motivation for applying and your CV to

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