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For US regulatory reasons, US Persons are not permitted to access the Advisory Services section of the Czarnikow Website.  Czarnikow is not offering any Advisory Services in the United States or to US Persons through any Czarnikow website. The following are not considered to be US Persons for this purpose and may access the Advisory Services section of the Czarnikow Website:

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(C) An estate or trust, the income of which is not subject to United States income tax regardless of source;

(D) An entity organized principally for passive investment such as a pool, investment company or other similar entity; Provided, That units of participation in the entity held by persons who do not qualify as Non-United States persons under (A)-(E) of this section represent in the aggregate less than 10% of the beneficial interest in the entity; and

(E) A pension plan for the employees, officers or principals of an entity organized and with its principal place of business

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Serving clients with specialist advice and market analysis.

Czarnikow is well known for its strong analytical skills and in-depth market knowledge, which are integral to the company’s core competencies and values. Today, the company has a dedicated team of over twenty analysts, located around the world, who are focused on sugar and related markets.

Czarnikow’s advisory business makes these skills available to clients, giving them access to the best available information to frame shorter term market decisions or decide on longer term business strategy. Czarnikow provides corporate finance, strategic consultancy and market advisory services to clients in sugar and sugar-related markets.