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Delays in Brazil: better cane but short term pain

Brazil’s crush is around 50 million tonnes of cane behind last year, following wet weather and planned delays to the crushing season.
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A second year In surplus: an early look at the 2012/2013 balance sheet

High cane and beet prices will drive a 2.4m mtrv (metric tonne raw value) rise in production during the 2012/2013 season.
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Back to surplus, and a return to normality?

The expiry of the May’12 futures contract appears to have finally convinced the market that the sugar balance is now through the deficit period.
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Stalling growth In bio-ethanol demand

After a decade of expansion, bio-ethanol usage fell in 2011 despite a rise in crude oil prices.
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A benign year for Indian sugar

With the world market trading at a premium to production costs, India has been able to export its sugar surplus at remunerative values.
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The 2011/12 sugar surplus arrives

The 2011/12 season will see the sugar market to return to surplus, with the supply side of the balance sheet being the strongest it has been for years.
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A Second Look at the 2012/2013 Surplus

The outlook for southern and northern hemisphere sugar production and consumption has changed over the last few months. 
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Running Low On Gas: The Competition For Ethanol Feedstocks

The global ethanol market has grown 400% in the last decade, driven by the United States and Brazil.
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Sugar Prices at 20¢/lb - What Happens Now?

Sugar prices are back around 20¢/lb as risk is going out of the sugar balance sheet, helped by rising production and soft demand.
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A renewed emphasis on ethanol for Brazil?

As sugar prices fall Brazil’s cane industry will need to re-invigorate its domestic ethanol market
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