We have been a trusted partner to the sugar industry since 1861 when Czarnikow & Co was established.

Czarnikow’s commitment to provide quality analysis started in the 1870s when it first published its Weekly Price Current (the forerunner of the Czarnikow Sugar Review), which became the authoritative journal of sugar and other commodities.

For over a century, Czarnikow expanded its business, opening several overseas offices and diversifying its trading activities. By the 1980s, Czarnikow traded several commodities in addition to sugar and was a founder member of the International Petroleum Exchange and the London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange (LIFFE).

In 1991, C. Czarnikow Sugar Limited was established to concentrate on sugar trading and brokerage following a decision to dispose of other commodity activities, and subsidiary companies were established in Singapore, New York and Mexico City. During the rest of the decade, additional offices were opened in Hong Kong, Dubai, Nairobi, Moscow and Rio de Janiero.

Today, Czarnikow operates globally from 12 offices and, alongside sugar and ethanol trading, provides a full spectrum of complementary services (such as supply chain management, futures execution, corporate finance and market analysis).