Local communities

We are committed to supporting the local communities where we are active.

In 2011, we set up the Czarnikow Charity Committee (CCC) in order to adopt a more formal approach to our fundraising initiatives, recognising the opportunity we have to engage more effectively with our communities in the markets where we are active. The CCC is an employee-run committee comprising a cross-section of people around the Group. It is responsible for supporting charities and causes with strong links to local offices and communities and for communicating initiatives.

Case study: African Gifted Foundation (AGF)

Czarnikow employees, Alesha White and Oliver Hire, spent ten days in January 2012 mentoring 14-16 year old students at the AGF Academy, held in the Makere University, Uganda. During the closing ceremony, Czarnikow presented a special award to Oken for his outstanding academic achievements and will be funding his first ever trip abroad to London to spend time in a local school and at our offices.